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26/08    Heart Starter / Open Day (Trevor Gourlay)
02/09    Handicap Pointscore (Anthony Duchatel)
09/09    Handicap Pointscore (Andrew Nelson)
16/09    Marathon (Trevor Gourlay)

Race Report:  29/04/2017 - Club Championship

Provisional results for PBSC Club Championship April 29th 2016.

Thank you to John Goldsmith, Kerry Holmes and Alicia for their continued support of the club and for doing a fantastic job running the races on a particularly tricky day wind/tide wise.

The Webster was hit (hard) at least 5 time yesterday which must be some kind of record. We may have to introduce mandatory eye testing before races next season or surround the Webster with air bags :-)

Taking out the honours for the day:

1st H16 - Anthony Duchatel / Evelyn Curtis

2nd H16 - Doogie McDougall

3rd H16 - Upu Kila / Sam Miller-Duchatel

4th Weta - Peter DuRoss ...Read More

Save The Date:  26/08/2017 - The Sailing Season kicks off

Join us for the start of the 2017/18 sailing season. Get the sailing gear out of mothballs and dust the cobwebs off the boat.

Don't forget to renew your membership, or join up; do it early if you want a parking pass.

You can get a membership form here ...Read More

Latest News:  20/05/2017 - AGM and Presentation season 2016/2017

Apart from a few yearly reports to be posted when they become available, that's pretty much a wrap for season 2016/2017.

On behalf of all PBSC members, thank you to the outgoing committee of Richard Lacey, Andrew Nelson, Anthony Duchatel, Michael Henman, Regina Renfree and Darren Schmidt All those hours you put in throughout the year paved the way for a very successful season.

Congratulations and welcome to the incoming committee for season: ...Read More

Training:  30/10/2016 - Sailing a Hobie 16 one-up

Its been 4 weeks since putting the furling jib on the Hobie 16 and this is my appraisal. Basically this is an enhancing technology not a disruptive technology.

Week 1 25 - 30 knots 2 foot wind chop. Didn't get the furler working properly on the first attempt while rigging single handed in a 25 knot 30 knot on shore breeze, went ok on the water until some righting practice and my fitness called an end to the day.

Week 2 Glam 18 - 20 knot Noréaster. Fun fun fun. no problems in three races Big loose on a speed run afterwards! More righting practice!

Week 3 15 knot variable southerly. Rigged one hole further back things just keep getting better.

Week 4 5- 15 knot gradient Noréaster shifty and patchy. Boat performed best yet. ...Read More