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25/08/2018Heart StarterTrevor Gourlay01:44L 07:38H 13:17L 19:44H 
01/09/2018Handicap Pointscore Anthony Duchatel05:40L 12:03H 18:13L 
08/09/2018Handicap Pointscore Beau White00:52L 06:55H 12:41L 19:06H  
15/09/2018Handicap PointscoreTrevor Gourlay05:52L 12:21H 18:51L 
22/09/2018Club Championship Round 1Richard Lacey00:34L 06:34H 12:19L 18:39H  
29/09/2018Forster Wildcat Regatta no club sailing04:27L 10:48H 17:07L 23:12H 29/09 to 01/10 - Forster Wildcat Regatta
06/10/2018Handicap Pointscore Michael Henman05:48H 11:38L 17:58H 
13/10/2018Handicap PointscoreJohn Forbes05:30L 11:56H 18:28L 
20/10/2018MarathonDick Clarke00:08L 06:18H 12:04L 18:20H  
27/10/2018Club Championship Round 2 Upu Kila04:18L 10:42H 17:08L 23:13H  
03/11/2018Open DayPhil Malcolm05:37H 11:26L 17:43HTry Sailing, Award Announcement, Guest Speakers
10/11/2018Handicap PointscoreJames Butler04:15L 10:44H 17:18L 23:16HMannering Park Memorial Regatta
17/11/2018Beware of the BulletsJohn Goldsmith04:41H 10:19L 16:33H 23:14L17/11 and 18/11 - Palm Beach Sailing Club
24/11/2018Club Championship Round 3 Rod Waterhouse03:10L 09:38H 16:10L 22:11H  
01/12/2018Open Hobie State Titles no club sailing04:14H 10:00L 16:15H 22:51L 01/12 and 02/12 - Mannering Park Sailing Club
08/12/2018Handicap Pointscore Upu Kila03:08L 09:41H 16:18L 22:13H  
15/12/2018Handicap Pointscore Darren Schmidt02:45H 08:17L 14:30H 21:23L  
22/12/2018Xmas Break no club sailing02:00L 08:32H 15:09L 21:06H  
28/12/2018Australian Hobie Titles no club sailing01:41H 07:23L 13:42H 20:26L 28/12 to 05/01 - Hobie Nationals North Haven Sth Australia - starts on a Friday
05/01/2019Xmas Break no club sailing02:07L 08:44H 15:23L 21:14H  
12/01/2019Handicap PointscoreAnthony Duchatel01:07H 06:45L 13:00H 19:40L 
19/01/2019Handicap PointscoreTrevor Gourlay00:48L 07:22H 14:03L 19:59H 
26/01/2019Marathon Upu Kila01:14H 07:08L 13:21H 19:50L  
02/02/2019Handicap PointscoreJohn Forbes01:08L 07:45H 14:28L 20:18H 
09/02/2019Hobie Youth / Womens /14 States no club sailing05:36L 11:53H 18:18L 09/02 and 10/02 -Vincentia Sailing Club - plus open Hobie regatta
16/02/2019F16 Aus TitlesDavid Renouf06:03H 12:50L 18:48H16/02 to 17/02 - F16 Australian Titles
23/02/2019Club Championship Round 4 John McCormick05:56L 12:10H 18:28L  
02/03/2019Marathon Anthony Duchatel06:33H 13:20L 19:16H Steve Kiely Cup
09/03/2019Handicap Pointscore Phil Malcolm04:39L 10:54H 17:08L 23:17H  
16/03/2019Ian Holly Memorial Regatta no club sailing04:32H 11:24L 17:30H 23:10L 16/03 and 17/03 - Toukley Sailing Club
23/03/2019Handicap Pointscore Dick Clarke04:48L 11:00H 17:10L 23:26H  
30/03/2019Club Championship Round 5 Anthony Duchatel04:56H 11:49L 17:58H 23:29L  
06/04/2019Handicap Pointscore Beau White03:44L 09:52H 16:00L 22:13H  
13/04/2019Handicap Pointscore Darren Schmidt01:58H 08:56L 15:03H 20:39L  
20/04/2019Easter Break no club sailing02:45L 08:51H 14:55L 21:14H Qld Hobie State Titles
27/04/2019Club Championship Round 6 Michael Henman01:57H 09:01L 15:10H 20:33L  
04/05/2019Fish & Chip Run Trevor Gourlay01:45L 07:45H 13:47L 20:08H Patonga Fish and Chip Run
05/05/2019Peter Loft Marathon no club sailing02:25L 08:25H 14:21L 20:44H Bayview Sailing Club - Note: this is a Sunday

*Note: dates in red are not Saturdays